What happens now, Hillary Clinton?

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On Monday night, many fans of Hillary Clinton lined up outside a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan to get their copies of her new book “What Happened” signed by the former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential contender. Clinton even treated her die-hard supporters to the famous Joe’s Pizza while they waited for the bookstore to open.

Hillary Clinton has made a string of media appearances to promote the release of her new tell-all memoir, one of which was on CBS’ “Sunday Morning.” She started explaining during her interview all the reasons why she thought she lost. The only emotion she elicited from me was anger. Not anger at her, but anger at what happened, pun intended, in 2016.

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The tea

DSC_15271 (1)I have penned a weekly column titled “The tea” for The Daily Helmsman since 2018, and in this opinion column I spill “tea,” which is slang for gossip or news, about events happening in the news or current trends. I have linked all my “The tea” columns below:

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